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Jinhua Sanzheng  Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.(the company formerly known as Institute of Technology, Jinhua City, southeast of environmental protection), located in the central transport hub of Zhejiang Province, China: Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway, Jinliwen Expressway, Ningbo-Jinhua Expressway intersection, traffic convenient, from the famous tourist city of Hangzhou, 170 kilometers away from the famous China Commodity City, Yiwu, 40 kilometers away from China famous hardware Yongkang city 40 km. Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Jinhua City, Tri-n is a professional industrial environmental protection, industrial automation, ESP electronic control equipment and related product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The company has modern production facilities and strict on-site management and large-scale production capacity, can produce GGAj02 Series ESP High-powered microcomputer automatic control devices, electrostatic precipitator automatic voltage control power supply device, microcomputer automatic control of three ESP phase power supply devices, high voltage integrated control unit (EPCS-I type), electrical equipment, bag filter and pneumatic ash system electronic control equipment, electrostatic precipitator and other spare parts.
Companies pay attention to grasp the quality of raw materials from the source, while the company through the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology, strengthen enterprise management, strict quality control, strict quality assurance system according to ISO90001 implementation and effective control over costs and improve product quality.
Zhejiang R & D team is strong even as environmentally sustainable development. The company has a number of senior professional and technical personnel, is a dynamic young research team. R & D center in line with "market-oriented, science and technology, environmental protection as the core" concept, environmental protection and foreign advanced technology, active electrostatic dust removal equipment and related product development environment, and take self-developed and well-known research institutions, state universities in close cooperation approach, the company is always in the forefront of the field of environmental technology at home and abroad.
The company take "customer first, quality first". Good reputation, quality of service, is to ensure sustainable development of enterprises. Company general manager and employees welcome new and old customers to visit.